Seamless College Automation

The sole agenda of preparing students to just score and hold a good rank has changed. The transformation that took place with time is a good form of valuable entity in education and demands upgrade in the system of education in college level. With a variety of ways to do so, the most productive and common process is getting Administration and management of educational organizations has become a tedious task nowadays. So to set the approach in a systematic form with accurate control of all the processes and sections of any institution, the most important step is to integrate college automation system.

Short listing of candidates, monitoring student activity like attendance and scoring, management of hostel and relevant facilities, library management, and campus recruitment structures are the most important segments of college automation software by the world leading automation development company C. B. Online. By deploying college automation software of C. B. Online colleges will get to see beneficial improvements in all segments of mass. Students will get a better exposure to the usage of internet, e-homework, help line, collaborative studies and research, events calendar, and alumni community.

The college management will get a better way to deal with the availability of real-time information, easy control of information, budget control and financial plan monitoring, and can easily keep a watch on the inventory by deploying college automation software by C. B. Online.

Some of the most productive features of our robust college automation software are as follows:

Administration Management

This section helps in defining academic session, creating all-inclusive profiles, permits customization of data entry fields, and facilitates mapping with partners and affiliates which in turn finally give a managed database without any data loss.

Admission Management and Enquiry Facilitation

Our college automation software allows integration with website by which you can manage defining of admission criteria, developing education policy, analyzing of applications, and generating offer letters for admission.

Student and Examination Management

Our college automation helps you manage the whole examination process by creating dynamic marking scheme, formulating criteria, generating assessment sheet, and developing datasheets based on the analytics.

Library and Academic Management

This is a salient feature which fuels your organization with automation of entire library functions like book-keeping, transactions and relevant score management purposes of students.

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